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September 2013
Tracy Weisert

Inside The Industry Seminar

by Tracy Weisert

Delightful social media and marketing maven (and fellow Casting Networks columnist) Colleen Wainwright was our guest speaker for a two-part seminar in 2008 and 2009, and then again at our free Casting Networks Inside the Industry Seminar on July 27th. It was interesting to hear updates on how some of Colleen's viewpoints have changed with the growth of social media. Continue reading...
Terry Berland

The Competitive Edge

by Terry Berland

Confidence is part of the formula for success.

Do your work to be the best actor you can be, believe in yourself and other people will believe in you.

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Laurie Records

Commercial Actors Should Never...

by Laurie Records

Commercial actors should never fail to know when not to submit.

To submit or not to submit, that is the question. Just when I think I've written/talked enough about the art of self-submitting in the commercial world, I have a casting session that makes me think there's more to be said. Or that I need to say it again. Or I need to jump up and down and scream these things from the top of my lungs.

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Colleen Wainwright

Article Smart! Good Tools For A Great Career

by Colleen Wainwright

Back to school

Train your eye to find the "why" and you'll never lack for things to learn.

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Rebel Without A Car

by Enci

It's Challenging Being A "Natural" Mama

A few years ago my husband was telling me about a cousin of his in Australia, who moved out into the woods, far away from civilization, in order to raise her children from "modern" influence. Well-meaning relatives and friends had a difficult time adjusting to her desire to raise her kids without tv, without plastic toys, and without modern-day gadgets that are supposed to make parenting easier.

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Bonnie Katz

The Conscious Actor

by Bonnie Katz, MFT

Getting your foot in the door

It takes hard work to be an actor. Therefore, it's important to do everything in your power not to add to that difficulty by getting in your own way. Artists must learn to handle their internal blocks with self-knowledge and insight in order to have free access to their emotions. Meryl Streep states, "My job is usually to express emotion as freely as possible." Key word being "freely."

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Karen Michel Pavlick

Questions and Actors

by Karen Michel Pavlick

It's better to be typecast than not cast!

This was actor Glenn Morshower's response to my question, “What's it like to always be cast in the role of a military guy?

I loved his positive attitude! Glenn knows what works best for him and his best is working for him.

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Adam Lieblein

What's The Deal?

by Adam Lieblein

Should I Sign Across The Board?


Help! I’m Trapped At A Commercial Agency and I Can’t Get Out!

This is a common story. John is a beginning actor who moved to Los Angeles about a year ago. He has been taking acting classes and has recently gotten great photos. After a commercial workshop a few months ago, he was offered exclusive representation by a commercial talent agency, and is finally going out on some nice auditions.

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Attention! Create and enter a film in "On Location: The Los Angeles Video Project"

by New Filmmakers Los Angeles

What is your LA? Tell us your story in a narrative, documentary, commercial or animation format that positively highlights Los Angeles to the rest of the world. Create original, branded entertainment with Los Angeles as the experience.

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